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Hiring a home inspector to give a home or condo a once-over is must for both buyers and sellers, and neither should skip it when purchasing or selling a residence.

“A professional home inspector’s objective physical assessment helps sellers establish realistic asking prices and buyers avoid unexpected repairs,” according to an article by Illinois broker associate Kelly Michelson of the Michelson Team at Baird and Warner Real Estate.

Noting how important a home inspection is to any real estate deal, Michelson and her team offered these tips on how both sellers and buyers can benefit most from having a home inspected:

Ask questions — Do your homework before hiring an inspector, Michelson suggested. “Find out whether an inspector is professional, and then determine how long he or she has been the job,” she wrote. “The best inspectors are educated and experienced, with backgrounds in contracting or building.”

Know the ropes — Michelson suggested client research what a home inspection entails so they will have an idea of what to expect. Specifically, she suggested they download a sample inspection report from the internet to review.

“Inspection checklists include structural features, like the roof and basement, and working systems, like plumbing and electrical lines,” she wrote.

Watch and learn — Buyers and sellers should both be present during the inspection, according to Michelson. “Sellers, when present, can provide information –buyers, in turn, can informally tally the cost of repairs,” she noted.

Get it in writing — Be sure to get a report from the home inspector once the inspection is complete, Michelson suggested. It should include detailed descriptions, color photos, and other pertinent information, according to Michelson.

What’s your opinion of Michelson’s tips for those hiring a home inspector? How informed about the home inspection process should clients be and how do you think it will help or hinder the home inspection? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: “Top tips for home inspections,” (Sept. 6, 2016)

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