How Do You Become a Home Inspector in North Carolina?

Are you ready to lay the foundation of your own home inspection business? We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you cement your new career as a home inspector in North Carolina. Follow the steps below to learn more about home inspection courses (and why they’re necessary), taking the North Carolina State Home Inspection Exam, field work requirements, and where to go from here.

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  • No minimum age requirement

  • GED or High School Diploma required
  1. Complete a 120-hour North Carolina-Approved Home Inspection Course

    Enacted in 1993, The North Carolina Home Inspection Licensure Act mandates that all home inspectors must obtain a license. The first step in obtaining a North Carolina Home Inspector License is completing the required 120-hour North Carolina-approved home inspection course. Professional home inspection training from a reputable home inspection school is key to understanding common business practices as well as establishing yourself as a trusted expert.

  2. Conduct 80 Hours in the Field With 10 Site Visits

    The next step in acquiring your North Carolina Home Inspector License is completing the required 80 hours in the field with 10 site visits. This experience provides you with real-world, hands-on training that will make your transition into the field seamless. Getting connected with a trainer is simple — just enroll in our 80-hour field training course.

  3. Pass the North Carolina State Home Inspection Exam

    After you’ve completed your education and field requirements, it’s time to take the North Carolina State Home Inspection Exam. The exam registration fee is $80, and it’s offered several times throughout the year at the North Carolina Department of Insurance in Raleigh. Enroll in your Pre-Licensing education early to allow yourself plenty of time to complete your courses/field work and study before you take the exam.

  4. Obtain a Background Check

    The Home Inspector Licensure Board requires applicants to disclose and consent to a criminal history record check pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. 93B-8.1 Applicants may secure a complete criminal records check from several sources, including:

  5. Provide Proof of Insurance With Required Policies

    Per the state’s rules and regulations, a license won’t be issued unless you have an insurance policy (or policies) that meets the state’s minimums for coverage. The insurance requirements for a home inspector licensee in North Carolina are:

    A General Liability policy that covers a minimum of $250,000 and one of the following:

    1. Own assets (not bank owned) that total a value between $5,000 and $10,000 (this will be evaluated by the board)
    2. A surety bond between $5,000 and $10,000 (determined by the board)
    3. An errors & omissions insurance policy that covers at least $250,000

    General liability policies for small businesses are roughly $40 per month, while errors & omissions insurance can set you back approximately $59 per month. To get the best rate and a better idea of what coverage you need, speak with a licensed local insurance agent who has worked with other home inspectors, members of local home inspector trade organizations, or shop for insurers online.

  6. Pay $35 Application Fee and Apply to Be a Home Inspector

    Once everything has been completed, it’s time to apply for your Home Inspector License. The application costs $35 and can be completed online through the North Carolina Department of Insurance website. If a license is granted, an additional $160 licensing fee applies and 12 hours of Continuing Education is required annually to maintain your license.

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Notice From NC Home Inspector Licensure Board

N.C. Gen. Stat. § 93B-8.1 Use of criminal history records states an individual with a criminal history may petition a board at any time, including before an individual starts or completes any mandatory education or training requirements, for a predetermination of whether the individual’s criminal history will likely disqualify the individual from obtaining a license.

All applicants with a criminal history should secure a complete criminal records check from an authorized source and upload it to their application record. All applicants are referred to the Board’s Application Evaluation Committee for an initial determination. The Committee then makes its recommendations to the Board.

More information is available through the Board web page domain or the NC Office of State Fire Marshal website “Apply for License”

Quick Facts:

  • 120 hours of state-approved education is required to get your North Carolina Home Inspector License.

  • 10 site visits totaling 80 hours is required to get licensed.
  • All license applicants must pass the state licensing exam.
  • All license applicants must submit to a background check.
  • All license applicants must have the required insurance policies.

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North Carolina Home Inspector License Requirements

Requirements to Become a North Carolina Home Inspector

  • North Carolina home inspection education hours: 120 hours
  • Inspections: 80 hours field with 10 site visits
  • Exam Required: NC Exam
  • Application Fee: $35 (other fees may apply)
  • Insurance Requirements: General Liability for a minimum of $250,000 plus one of the following: a) minimum net assets (somewhere between $5k and $10k); b) a bond (somewhere between $5k and $10k); or c) E&O Insurance for $250,000
  • Notarized application and fingerprints are not required
  • Background check is required
  • No minimum age requirement
  • High School Diploma or GED is required

Home Inspection License Expiration: Annually on 9/30

North Carolina Home Inspector Continuing Education Requirements

  • 12 hours annually

North Carolina State Licensing Board