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Joe Mazza

President, Exclusive Home Inspection, White Plains, NY and star of HGTV’s Home Inspector Joe

2015 AHIT graduate

Joe’s Story

Joe Mazza is an expert home inspector with a 20-year construction background and a sixth sense for safety. He runs Exclusive Home Inspection in Westchester, New York and his job is to ensure his clients won’t move into a risky property. He’s the host of HGTV’s Home Inspector Joe, where he works with his design partner to help guide house hunters to the perfect home where their budget will cover the repair of high priority safety issues, while still making their design dreams come true. Joe posts videos online giving homeowners advice on what to look for in their own home, sharing the best at-home tips for them to be their own best advocate for the safety of their home. Whether he’s sharing how-to’s about how to: clean your gutters or Air Conditioning unit, identify a dangerous crack in your chimney, or proper insulation installations in your home. Empowering homeowners with the proper tools to guarantee a safe living environment in their home is Joe’s greatest mission as the ultimate King of Safety. He is a motorcycle-riding, beard-combing, hands-on home inspector who’s bringing a whole new audience to home inspection!

“I get this question a lot. People always ask – “if you’re a home inspector, why are you helping on contract work?” And my answer is always this. No, working on construction sites is not a part of a home inspector’s job. We always contract out that work to the professionals, who ultimately handle and perform all repairs. However, because I have over 20 years of experience in construction, job sites and heavy machinery are my happy place. I have the knowledge and experience and so I love to jump in to help whenever I can – and whenever I’m allowed!”

“My career change to become a home inspector started around 8 years ago when I was working nonstop in NYC construction then coming home and doing side construction work to make ends meet and enjoy life without stressing about money daily. Years and years of this has caught up to me and I decided I needed a change. I have always been the go-to guy when people needed something, and I also just love helping. When I see somebody smile it makes me happy knowing I was able to do that. My cousin called me one night talking about a home inspection he had done and BOOOOOOOM the light switch went off. I stayed up all night and found the best school in the nation, AHIT!!!!!! I signed up that night, went to work the next day and told my boss I needed 3 weeks leave of absence to take some schooling. The rest is history!”

“When I showed up to the AHIT school it was everything I had expected and more. My teacher was very thorough with his presentation and had the entire class interacting which is critical in learning. During breaks I would talk with him on a personal level asking for tips in the business which he was more than happy to provide. Each day was a learning experience for myself and the class and let me tell you I am not an in class sit down student. Once the 2 weeks was up we had field training which was very very interactive and hands on which took my learning curve to the next level. I left the schooling with a high level of confidence for sure and that is all because AHIT guided me in the right path.”

“If you want to become a home inspector then joining AHIT is a must. I work one way and that’s doing it right the first time to set yourself up for the future. I inspect every house as if I’m moving my family into it and you should as well.”

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Veryl Chavez

Building Inspector, Jicarilla Apache Nation
Jicarilla Apache Nation Reservation – Dulce, New Mexico

2018 AHIT Graduate

Veryl’s Story

AHIT helped me become the FIRST building inspector for the Jicarilla Apache Nation! I became an inspector after spending more than two decades working my way up the ranks in construction on and around our Reservation. 

Shifting into Building Inspection

I began my career as a carpenter helper back in the early 1990s, when I was just 20. I worked on a crew of over 20 people and, together, we built residential homes and the occasional office building. We did everything except install electrical and heating systems, both of which were left to outside contractors. After a few years, I became a lead supervisor for a crew of six where I oversaw the construction work, attended meetings, handled project blueprints, and mentored and took care of my crew.  

Eventually, I climbed the ranks to oversee a crew of 20, handling renovation projects for residential and commercial buildings. I oversaw the whole package—from ordering materials and tools to securing safety equipment and vehicles to managing our projects from start to finish. By this point, my construction career had spanned carpentry, plumbing, electrical, heavy equipment operation, earning a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), welding, working with blueprints, metal fabrication, management, and more. 

One day at a Nation Council meeting, there was a discussion about a need for someone to oversee the contractors who regularly came to work on our Reservation. Up until that point, no one had been overseeing them and there was concern that we could easily be taken advantage of.  

Word travelled that I had a great deal of experience in construction. I shared the details of my construction experience with our Nation Council leaders, and they decided to create a position for me as a building inspector. I had to get trained up and certified fast, so I Googled “building inspector training” and AHIT was the first thing to pop up.  

Training with AHIT

When I first met AHIT Instructor Chris Kjeldsen at an onsite class in Denver, he made me feel extremely comfortable as an AHIT student—and the only Native American—in his class. I learned so much in AHIT home inspection training, including what to look for during inspections both inside and outside of a building, how to write up an inspection report, and how to present myself as an inspector. During that first month, I called Chris for everything, and he was more than happy to help me with my questions. 

After completing AHIT training, New Mexico required me to take the National Home Inspector Exam, which I did while everything was still fresh in my head—and I passed!

Working as a Building Inspector

Now I’m the first and only building inspector for the Jicarilla Apache Nation. I’ve worked as a building inspector for four years (and counting) on our Reservation in Dulce, New Mexico. I have my own office and my own work truck, and I have meetings with contractors at the beginning of each week. Some days are slow, with only one inspection, but others are busy with three or four inspections throughout the day.  

My schedule has also become more manageable now compared to the long hours I previously worked in construction. I have more time with my family, including my wife and three children, and for my service as a cultural clan leader. My father and I both serve as cultural clan leaders for our Nation’s annual Go-Jii-Ya Apache Feast Day. 

I want to thank Instructor Chris and AHIT for all they have done to get me where I am today! Anyone who wants to become a building inspector can thrive with training from AHIT. I’m proud to be using these skills right here at home and proud to serve my Nation in this role. 

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Chris Kjeldson

President, Ground Floor Home Inspection, Inc. – Colorado Springs, CO


2013 AHIT Graduate

Chris's Story

I spent most of my early career working for corporations as a Controller/Chief Financial Officer. When I found myself downsized out of a job, I decided it was time for a life change. I wanted a flexible schedule that would allow me to earn as much as possible and have freedom with my time. I also wanted a career I could do even as I got older, without a lot of physical strain.

At that time, I visited a BNI (Business Network International) meeting, and they only allowed one person from a profession per group. I remember thinking about doing full-time photography or opening a karate studio (I’m a third-degree black belt with Universal Kempo Karate), but they already had those professions. I was open to suggestions, and after a couple of weeks, a REALTOR®friend called me and said, “you should be a home inspector.” That night I looked at training options. I quickly found AHIT and have been blessed ever since.

When I signed up for the class, I was 100% invested, spending long hours studying the materials. I listened to every word my instructor, and now great friend, John Coleman, taught. After class, I knew I had developed a love for this career that I never had before. I followed John's travels and made sure to show up to whatever class he was teaching in Colorado. In John’s words, “Chris became the kitten I couldn’t lose.” One time after one of the classes, John looked at me and said, “within five years, you will be running a multi-inspector firm and teaching for AHIT.” Again, I followed his wise words, and it happened.

My initial goal was to build a successful company that valued integrity, correct business practices, and customer service. My first inspector came along when my schedule was getting so busy that I was losing jobs. And my second shortly after that. I also found an administrative assistant to answer the phone so that I wouldn’t lose any work from missing calls. It was important to me that my REALTORS® and clients had the same friendly voice to talk to every time they picked up the phone. I also added a marketing person to help with my real estate contacts. I always moved forward in building this fantastic business, fueled by the passion that grew from the day I started.

At this point, our multi-inspector company is truly thriving. We believe in raising the standards of the home inspection industry and in disrupting the status quo, and we are. We are a family, and this fantastic company is set to provide for our families for generations to come.

Being an AHIT technical trainer that teaches over 150 days each year and teaching alongside some of the best folks in the industry has been an incredible blessing. And at the same time, running a very successful multi-inspector company set up for tremendous growth is truly a fulfilled dream!

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Matthew Knight

CEO, Almost Home Inspections, LLC - Baltimore, MD

Matthew Knight

2015 AHIT Graduate

Matthew's Story

I have been happily married to my beautiful wife, Jessica, for over 12 years and we have 6 children. After working in the property management industry for 11 years, my wife encouraged me to look into the home inspection industry as just something to do as a side hustle. A coworker of mine had recently taken the home inspection course through AHIT and insisted I use them for my training.

I gotta tell ya, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. After being trained through American Home Inspectors Training, I went on to achieve the highest designation in the industry as “Certified Master Inspector.” I have also achieved other inspector designations through ASHI, MAHI and InterNACHI. I started "Almost Home" Inspections LLC in 2015 and about year later I decided to leave my corporate job to run my inspection business full-time. That decision was another one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Home buying is a very exciting moment and the biggest investment most people ever make. I take pride in being able to educate my clients about their new investment and teaching students about the home inspection industry. I look forward to continuing to build lasting relationships.

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