How Do You Become a Home Inspector in Florida?

Are you interested in becoming a home inspector in Florida? We’ve compiled the six steps you’ll need to take to start your new career as a licensed home inspector in the Sunshine State. Follow the steps below to learn more about Florida home inspection education requirements and pricing options.

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  • There are no prerequisites other than the education, exam, application, and fingerprinting/background check.

  1. Complete a Florida-Approved 120-Hr. Home Inspection Course

    The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires a license to work as a home inspector. Choosing the right training will set you apart and build your brand as a reputable inspector. The 120-Hr. recommended home inspector coursework, including ebooks, will prepare you to face the real-world challenges that licensed home inspectors typically encounter and help you master the topics found on the national or state-issued exams.

  2. Take & Pass Your Examination:

    After completing your home inspector education, the next step is to register for (and pass) one of these four written exams:

    This exam consists of 120 questions. Test takers have 1 hour to complete the exam, and each attempt costs $125. The test is offered in person and can be taken at one of several proctored locations.

    This exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions (25 of which are not scored). Test takers are given 4 hours to complete the exam, and each attempt costs roughly $225 (depending on your location).

    This exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions covering the various areas of home inspection. FABI has a specific exam book you will need to prepare for the exam, “Principles of Home Inspection: Systems and Standards” 3rd Edition Update (ISBN 978-1078801386) – You can purchase this book at the FABI store. Test takers have 2 hours to complete the exam, and each test costs $200. The test is only offered in person. Testing site locations are available after registration.

    The ACICP website does not list the number of questions on the exam, but it does state that students have 2 hours to complete the test. Test takers can choose to take the exam in person for $250 or online for $150.

    Due to the unignorable cost of taking an exam, we highly recommend taking an Exam Prep course to greatly increase your chances of passing on the first try. If an individual does not pass, they must wait 30 days before taking the exam again.

  3. Complete a Background Check With Fingerprints

    The state of Florida requires that all Home Inspector License applicants submit to a criminal background check. The screening costs roughly $54.25. The state reviews applications on a case-by-case basis, so applicants with a criminal record are not automatically excluded, but the process may require some extra paperwork.

  4. Provide Proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance of at Least $300,000

    Making mistakes is a part of human nature, and it happens to the best of us. To protect yourself from career-ending lawsuits, taking out a commercial general liability insurance policy of at least $300,000 is required for all Florida home inspection professionals.

    General liability policies for small businesses are roughly $40 per month, but that could change based on coverage needs. To get the best rate and a better idea of what coverage actually costs, speak with a licensed local insurance agent who has worked with other home inspectors, members of local home inspector trade organizations, or shop for insurers online.

  5. Apply Online or Send in a Physical Application

    The next step in getting your Florida Home Inspector License is to actually submit your application to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. You can apply online or send in physical documents. Registration fees are $230 when applying for an initial license, but waivers exist for some qualified low-income applicants, active duty military personnel, and veterans.

  6. Register Your Business or Join a Multi-Inspector Firm

    After you’ve completed your AHIT Home Inspection Training and passed one of the home inspection exams, it’s time to get to work. You can choose to start your own home inspection business (either as a sole proprietor or LLC) and call a tax professional. Or, if you prefer to gain some experience and have a steady flow of leads first, you can look to join an established multi-inspector firm. Regardless, there’s no wrong path to success in the lucrative and exciting world of home inspection.

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Quick Facts:

  • Those seeking a Florida Home Inspector License must take a 120-Hr. home inspection course. 
  • As of March 2022, the average Florida home inspector salary is $86,835 ($58,035 base pay + $28,800 in commission).
  • Students can choose between four different state-approved exams.
  • Applicants must submit to a background check with fingerprints, but a criminal record doesn’t exclude candidates.
  • Applicants can apply for their Home Inspector License online or send in completed paperwork.

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Florida Home Inspector License Requirements

Requirements to Become a Florida Home Inspector

  • Florida home inspection education hours: 120 hours
  • Exam Required: NHIE/FABI/InterNACHI FL/CI-HPI
  • Application Fee: $125 (other fees may apply)
  • Insurance Requirements: General liability insurance of no less than $300,000
  • Notarized application is not required
  • Background check and fingerprints are required
  • No minimum age requirement

Home Inspection License Expiration: 7/31 every two years (even)

Florida Home Inspector Continuing Education Requirements

  • 14 hours every two years (not necessary for the licensee’s initial renewal cycle)

Florida State Licensing Board

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