In Texas, you will need to obtain your Professional Real Estate Inspector license from the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to inspect without supervision. The first step is to complete the required 154 hours of qualifying education. Move through these 6 online courses at your own pace.   

You’ll learn about Texas law and Standards of Practice, how to analyze and report your findings, business operations, and the technical components that you need to know for inspecting. Prepare for the national and state portions of your licensing exam with the included textbook and reference materials. To complete your required education, you will also need to attend 40-hours of practicum (guided live practice inspections). 



In addition to your qualifying 154-hour online courses, you need 40 hours of practicum. AHIT’s expert field trainers will guide you through 6 mock inspections in local homes over 4 days, fine-tuning your skills before you’re ready to pass your exam and start inspecting.

If you choose to take the optional 4-day classroom enrichment course, your technical instructor will refine what you’ve learned, focusing on report-writing techniques, Texas Standards of Practice, and preparing you for the licensing exams. Learn more about our instructors here.

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Texas Home Inspector License Requirements

Requirements to Become a Texas Home Inspector

Texas issues three levels of inspector licenses: Apprentice Inspector, Real Estate Inspector, and Professional Real Estate Inspector. AHIT provides approved training for those seeking to become Real Estate Inspectors and Professional Real Estate Inspectors. Education requirement changes went into effect on March 1, 2021. These requirements are listed below. For existing students who began their professional inspector coursework prior to March 1, 2021, please visit TREC’s website for requirements that must be fulfilled and submitted prior to June 30, 2021.

  • Texas Real Estate Inspector education requirements: 154 hours (includes 40 hours of practicum; exams must be proctored)
  • Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector education requirements: 194 hours (includes 40 hours of practicum; exams must be proctored)
  • Inspections: 40 hours of Texas practicum (field training)
  • Exam Required: Both NHIE plus Texas specific exam
  • Application Fee: $100 (Real Estate Inspector) or $120 (Professional Real Estate Inspector) plus $10 after passing the exam (other fees may apply)
  • Minimum age requirement: 18
  • Proof of Financial Responsibility: Provide proof of Liability Insurance with a minimum of $100,000 per occurrence and an aggregate annual total of a minimum of $100,000 using the TREC Certificate of Insurance form or provide proof of a Surety Bond using the TREC Proof of Financial Responsibility Form.
  • Must meet TREC’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity (consider requesting a Fitness Determination before applying for a license)
  • Fingerprinting is required
  • Citizen of the United States or a lawfully admitted alien

Home Inspection License Expiration: Every two years from date of issuance

Texas Home Inspector Continuing Education Requirements

  • Home Inspection License Expiration: Every two years from date of issuance
  • 16 hours annually
  • Inspectors will not receive CE credit for more than 16 hours in one topic in a renewal term
  • 32 total hours per renewal cycle
  • Must include 8 hours of non-elective CE: a 4 hour Standards of Practice Review course and a 4 hour Inspector Legal & Ethics course
  • Standards of Practice Review and Inspector Legal and Ethics CE courses must be completed by 8/31/2021. Please see this update published by TREC - License Holders: Inspector Non-Elective Course Changes.
  • Texas Real Estate Commission requires that each final exam be proctored for qualifying and non-elective continuing education

Texas State Licensing Board

American Home Inspectors Training

  • Texas Qualifying Provider: #4567
  • Texas Inspector Continuing Education Provider: #10077

Course Approvals

  • Analysis of Findings and Reporting Module - 20 hours - Approval #39923
  • Business Operations and Professional Responsibilities Module - 10 hours - Approval #39924
  • Property and Building Inspection Module I - 40 hours - Approval #39925
  • Property and Building Inspection - Module II - 40 hours - Approval #39926
  • Texas Law Module - 20 hours - Approval #39927
  • Texas Standards of Practice Module - 24 hours - Approval #39928
  • Texas Practicum - 40 hours - Approval #39929

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