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Do You Need a License to Be a Home Inspector?

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Do You Need a License to Be a Home Inspector?

When you’re thinking about becoming a home inspector, many questions run through your mind. One big question you’ll wonder is…Do you need a license to become a home inspector? 

Read on to find out the answer and learn the requirements to work as a home inspector in your state. 

State Requirements for Home Inspectors

Whether or not you need a license to work as a home inspector depends on the education and licensing requirements in your state. This is similar to how other trade professionals–like plumbers and electricians–often need licenses and required training to legally work in their states. Before you set out to become a home inspector, make sure to find out the licensing requirements in your state. 

You Should Be Licensed in Your State – Even If You Aren’t Required to Be

You probably wouldn’t hire an untrained mechanic to fix your car. Similarly, homebuyers and sellers want to hire qualified and licensed professional home inspectors to inspect their homes. Real estate agents also look to refer their clients to licensed home inspectors they know they can trust. After all, you’ll be providing an objective and educated opinion about the condition of a home. You need to know what you’re doing. 

Even if your state doesn’t require you to earn a home inspector license, you should still complete a home inspection training course to learn the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Some home inspectors even go a step beyond training and take the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) to further differentiate themselves in their markets. 

The bottom line? If it comes down to a potential client deciding to hire you—a trained, certified, and knowledgeable home inspector—and a competitor with no training or credentials, you’ll likely win the client’s business. 

States That Require a License to Perform Home Inspections 

State State Licensing Board
Alabama State Requirements  Alabama Home Inspectors/EIFS Inspectors Licensing Division 
Alaska State Requirements  Alaska Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing 
Arizona State Requirements  Arizona State Board of Technical Registration 
Arkansas State Requirements  Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing 
Connecticut State Requirements  Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection 
Delaware State Requirements  Delaware Division of Professional Regulation Board of Home Inspectors 
Florida State Requirements  Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation 
Illinois State Requirements  Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation 
Indiana State Requirements  Indiana Professional Licensing Agency 
Kentucky State Requirements  Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors 
Louisiana State Requirements  Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors 
Maryland State Requirements  Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation 
Massachusetts State Requirements  Board of Registration of Home Inspectors 
Mississippi State Requirements  Mississippi Home Inspector Board 
Montana State Requirements  Montana Department of Labor & Industry 
Nevada State Requirements  Department of Business and Industry Nevada Real Estate Division 
New Hampshire State Requirements  New Hampshire Office of Professional Licensure and Certification Board of Home Inspectors 
New Jersey State Requirements  New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Home Inspection Advisory Committee 
New Mexico State Requirements  New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department Home Inspectors Board 
New York State Requirements  New York Division of Licensing Services 
North Carolina State Requirements  North Carolina Department of Insurance Home Inspector Licensure Board 
North Dakota State Requirements  North Dakota Secretary of State 
Ohio State Requirements  Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing 
Oklahoma State Requirements  Oklahoma Construction Industries Board 
Oregon State Requirements  Oregon Construction Contractors Board 
Rhode Island State Requirements  Rhode Island Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board 
South Carolina State Requirements  South Carolina Residential Builders Commission 
South Dakota State Requirements  South Dakota Real Estate Commission 
Tennessee State Requirements  Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance 
Texas State Requirements  Texas Real Estate Commission 
Vermont State Requirements  Vermont Office of Professional Regulation 
Virginia State Requirements  Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation 
Washington State Requirements  Washington State Department of Licensing 
West Virginia State Requirements  West Virginia Fire Commission 
Wisconsin State Requirements Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services

States That Don’t Require a License to Perform Home Inspections

The states below don’t currently have home inspection license requirements for home inspectors. However, some have other regulations you must meet before starting to work as a home inspector.  

California  California Home Inspection Training 
Colorado  Colorado Home Inspection Training 

* Certification through a recognized home inspection association may be required in your county or city. 

Georgia Home Inspection Training 
Hawaii  Hawaii Home Inspection Training 
Idaho  Idaho Home Inspection Training 
Iowa  Iowa Home Inspection Training 
Kansas Kansas Home Inspection Training
Maine Maine Home Inspection Training 
Michigan  Michigan Home Inspection Training 
Minnesota  Minnesota Home Inspection Training 
Missouri  Missouri Home Inspection Training 
Nebraska  Nebraska Home Inspection Training 

*Home inspectors must meet these PA statute requirements. 

Pennsylvania Home Inspection Training 
Utah  Utah Home Inspection Training 
Washington, D.C Washington, D.C. Home Inspection Training 
Wyoming  Wyoming Home Inspection Training 

Learn the Steps to Become a Home Inspector in Your State

The steps to become a home inspector aren’t the same for all states. Find your state below to see your steps in your state: 

Meet Your State’s Requirements with Home Inspection Training from AHIT

Completing home inspector training is ideal to lay the foundation for a successful home inspection business – whether your state requires you to be licensed or not. AHIT home inspection training teaches you how to be a home inspector, how to run your inspection business, and how to market your way to success in the long-term. 

Have questions about our online, live classroom, and field training options? Our career advisors are happy to speak with you. Reach out at 800.441.9411 or by emailing [email protected] Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM CST.    

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