To effectively market your home inspection business, do your research first, then ask several questions of your competitors to determine your best approach. 

So suggests licensed home inspector Chris Chirafisi, product and technical training manager for American Home Inspectors Training by Mbition. Chirafisi offered this advice and other sage suggestions for marketing a home inspection business in “8 questions home inspectors should ask to get ahead of the competition.”

In the article, available via downloadable pdf, Chirafisi also suggested home inspectors begin the marketing process with a few preliminary steps. These include conversations with area real estate agents and performing internet searches to find out what home inspectors in your region are charging for a home inspection and other supplementary services such as testing for radon and termites. The next step is to take that information and use it to develop a marketing plan.

AHIT offers a variety of radon testing products for home inspectors, including a correspondence course, Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurement; two specialty instructor-led online courses, Advanced Radon Measurement for Multi-Family and Other Large Buildings and Conducting Radon Surveys and in Schools and Large Buildings and a radon test kit.

The eight questions to ask your competitors

Each of the eight questions are designed to help you evaluate the local home inspection market. Questions home inspectors should ask include are competitors providing clients with a digital or paper report?  Are those reports delivered in person or mail? They should also ask how long their competitors take to get those reports back to the client.

To view all eight questions, download the free pdf, “8 questions home inspectors should ask to get ahead of the competition,” at

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