5 ways your home inspection company can add value to real estate

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Many home inspectors rely on referrals to garner business. To ensure sure you’re top-of-mind when Realtors and real estate agents are looking for a home inspection company to recommend, it’s important that your business presents itself as an asset to the real estate industry.

“Choosing a home inspection company that can add value results in a true benefit to the client, and ultimately, more referrals for all,”  home inspector Adam Long, president of Ohio-based HomeTeam Inspection Service, wrote in a recent “Ask the Expert” column on RISmedia.com.

Here are Long’s five ways home inspection companies can add value to real estate:

They understand your time is valuable — A typical home inspection can last anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours, according to Long. He cuts that time nearly in half by sending a team of inspectors to each job.

They utilize technology to simplify the process — The home inspection process—from scheduling to report delivery—should be convenient for everyone involved. Offering multiple scheduling options, such as via telephone, online or through an app — provides more flexibility.

They offer a full-service solution — Make your company stand out by offering a wide range of services in addition to basic whole house inspections. “[Because] different homes, different clients and different regions require different types of inspections, choose a home inspection company that offers a la carte services like pest, radon or mold inspections,” Long advised.

They handle coordination for you — Give clients the option of coordinating additional services for them to save time. Long’s HomeTeam schedules any additional inspections for agents and their clients.

They present themselves as a professional — Presenting a professional image upon arrival sets the tone for the inspection. According to Long, home inspection companies that show up in uniform with branded vehicles help make the client feel at ease.

Source: “How Can a Home Inspection Company Add Value to the Real Estate Process,” RISMedia.com (Sept. 14, 2016)

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