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This comprehensive home inspection report is easy for the home inspector to use and for the clients to read. Each report contains 33 pages with four carbonless parts to satisfy the needs of everyone in the real estate transaction. A Pre-Inspection Agreement is also included. The reports can be purchased bound or unbound. Custom covers are also available.

Inspection Agreement Legal Review

A rock-solid inspection agreement is an important and necessary risk management tool that provides the first level of defense to an inspector against claims by clients. Many states require that a written agreement be used to establish the scope of the services to be provided to your clients. Even in states that have no regulations, an agreement may be required by your insurance carrier. These agreements are state-specific and let your clients know what is included, what is not, and how to address any issues arising after your inspection. The aim is to provide agreements that your clients can easily understand, while affording you the protections of your standards of practice.

The Illustrated Home™ Image Library

The Illustrated Home Image Library is a great tool to add richness and clarity to your home inspection reports. You can download any or all of the 1700 color illustrations found in the popular Illustrated Home Book.

All illustrations have been created by an expert illustrator and reviewed by real home inspectors. The Illustrated Home™ Library may be one of the best home inspection tools you’ll own!

Code Check CD

This CD contains 325 illustrations with captions for inclusion in your home inspection reports. These are especially useful for demonstrating proper installation methods to your client.

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