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Tips on Becoming a Home Inspector

Is becoming a home inspector on your list of things to do? With home sales back on the rise, the need for certified home inspectors is drastically climbing.  On average, certified home inspectors will perform up to 250 home inspections per year and are generally hired by real estate agents and appraisers, lenders and banks, as well as relocation companies and home buyers.  Since home inspectors will not need to make any fixes to the home, the work is often well refined.  You show up, audit, and the home inspection process is usually completed in a single call with no loose ends to tie up and without an intricate follow up.  Becoming a home inspector is a smart choice for those looking to take the next step in their lives. 

Fundamentals to become a home inspector fluctuate depending upon where you reside, but when it comes to home inspection training, you should seek out a training program consisting of many encompassing lessons.  Certified home inspectors evaluate homes for many different items.  They observe numerous components of a home and test many others.  If you are interested in becoming a certified home inspector here are some handy tips for you.

  1. The first thing that you should do if you are interested in becoming a certified home inspector is to check if there are any laws or governing bodies in your state that would regulate home inspectors.  Some universal rules that apply to about every state are:  minimum age, background check and criminal history, high school diploma or equivalent, a certain amount of approved education, and passing of a state or national exam.  AHIT's home inspection certification requirements by state resource will help you understand what you need to do to become a certified home inspector in your state.
  2. After you have checked on your state’s requirements and are conscious of what qualifications are needed to become a certified home inspector, you will want to research and seek out a school that will offer a home inspection training program.  Your state may also be able to offer you a list of approved schools and training centers.  Home inspection classes may range from live classroom courses to online virtual courses. Contact schools that provide approved training in your area, and sign up for the course. 
  3. Upon completion of your home inspection classes, you should schedule a time with your state to take the final state examination if required.  Do not forget to bring all credentials needed to take this examination.  Some credentials needed may be a home inspector course completion certificate, and your driver’s license or photo identification.  Don’t forget to study hard before you take the examination!
  4. After you have passed the home inspector examination you will need to make sure that the results are provided to your state licensing board, and double check that you have completed any and all final requirements to get your certified home inspectors license.  Some states will require a fee to become licensed. 
  5. Once you have obtained your home inspectors license, you are now ready to start operating your own home inspection business or looking for jobs through another home inspection firm.  Now would also be a good time to look into joining a non-profit home inspection association such as ASHI, or InterNachi
  6. Make sure to know all state requirements even after you obtain your home inspection license.  Governing bodies are subject to change their requirements at any time, and are not entitled to hold grandfather clauses.  Many states and associations also require continuing education upon license renewal.
  7. Make sure to market, market, market yourself.  Becoming a home inspector requires finding your niche in this area that will really make you stand out from the others.  Some home inspection training schools will have a marketing section of their program, which is a helpful tool to getting started in this industry. 

A qualified home inspector must learn a number of subjects and have a keen eye, but because of their specialized knowledge they remain sought after. 

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