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Hose Bib Maintenance

A hose bib (exterior faucet) is a threaded faucet also known as a wall hydrant. An example of a hose bib would be the standard exterior faucet of a residence. In colder climates the exterior hose bib will be mounted on an interior wall to prevent freezing.

There are two basic types of hose bibs that are used for exterior use. One is a standard hose bib. With this hose bib the water line extends all the way through the exterior wall and hose bib threads onto the pipe itself. The other is a frost proof hose bib. This hose bib has a long stem and it extends well into the heated space. These come in standard sizes of 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 18”. All lengths may not always available at all locations where you shop.

The frost proof will also have an anti-siphon device. An anti-siphon device will not allow water to siphon or to be drawn back into the potable water. The Standard hose bibs can be adapted by adding an anti-siphon device. You can pick up one of these devices at your local hardware store or at super store like Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards. They simply screw on. Once you screw this device on there is a nut that you can tighten down until it twists off.  It should not be able to be removed.

In colder climates or climates the reach below freezing temperatures there are a few other points to look at to keep your water lines from freezing. Make sure that you remove hoses from the hose bibs as fall arrives. Hose bibs will hold water and can cause the pies to burst in certain situations. On standard hose bibs (and possibly on frost free) there should be a stop valve on the inside of the home to shut the water off. Once the water is off make sure that the lines are drained to prevent freezing.  

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