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TECHNIAL Instructor-Led Online Course Details

24/7 Online CourseNew CourseEnergy Audit Certification

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This training program will help you prepare for the Building Performance Institute's Building Analyst on-line and field tests, and will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about residential buildings. You'll come to understand how the house works as a system, why some homes fail, and how to use the latest building science technology to help resolve residential heating, cooling, and base load air leakage problems. By using a "whole house" performance-based approach, you'll address a comprehensive range of interrelated building issues and be able to provide your clients with a more comfortable, safe, durable, and energy efficient home.

24/7 Online CourseNew CourseADVANCED HEATING SYSTEMS

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This course will start by familiarizing you with the history of heat and heating systems. You will learn different ways heat is transferred and the heat requirements in a home. Basic components of several types of heating systems will be described and you will then be led through the proper function/operation of these heating systems, what to look for during an inspection and how to properly report your findings.

Learning Objectives:

  • What are the different components of each system and how do they function
  • How do these components function in the complete cycle of the heating system
  • Discuss proper operation of the heating system
  • Inspection procedures for each heating system   


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You will be taught specific word-for-word verbiage for reporting on various conditions observed during your home inspections. Learn how to report on even the most disastrous conditions of a home in an objective, tactful, non-threatening manner. Through real life examples, photos, role-playing and interaction with a seasoned inspector, get immediately applicable terminology and report writing skills to increase your confidence and decrease your liability on inspections. Learn how to convey the results of your report without alarming your customers, sellers or Realtors or compromising your findings or integrity.

Seven Key Elements to the course:

  • Review statistics on why home inspectors get sued.
  • How to use your report to dramatically reduce customer calls.
  • Most common mistakes on a home inspection.
  • Effective use of photos on your home inspections.
  • What not to say on a home inspection.
  • What words and phrases to use on inspections.
  • How to confirm your customers understanding of your findings and
    minimize follow up calls.


Course Sample


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Many home inspectors are intimidated by the electrical part of the inspection. However, having knowledge of the code and how to apply that knowledge to a home inspection is critical. The home inspection standards and state laws clearly state that code inspections are not a requirement of the home inspection. But having this knowledge should prepare you to do a more thorough electrical inspection. Communicating safety hazards and educating you client with suggestions about dealing with your finding is what the electrical inspection is all about.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand State regulations and standards
  • Inspection types
  • General purpose changes
  • Tools for inspecting electrical
  • ARC-fault breakers and receptacles
  • Ground-fault breakers and receptacles
  • Wires and wiring
  • Main panel
  • Sub-panel
  • Grounding systems
  • Problem panels           


24/7 Online CourseNew CourseTREC Exam Preparation

Texas Real Estate Commission

This online, instructor led course will prepare you to pass the TREC examination.  Through practice tests using test questions from prior exams, you will know what to expect when you sit for the exam. 


*Continuing education units vary by state. Please contact AHIT for state specifics.

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