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SPECIALTY Instructor-Led Online Course Details

Instructor-Led Online CourseIntroduction to Green Building


Green Building"What is Green?" This course offers an in-depth overview of what green building is and how the term relates to the home inspector. You will be introduced to materials and systems the home inspector may see in the next 1-3 years during a property inspection, learn what the built structure has to do with global warming concerns, and how renewable energy and resources technologies will change the way homes use renewable energy. Energy efficiency is discussed and what the home inspector can do to assist homeowners and home buyers in making informed decisions on future renovations considering these issues. Federal tax incentives and resources are reviewed so students can share this information with their client base.

This course offers an excellent overview of what home inspectors may see as they inspect new types of renovations coming in the next 3-5 years. The course will review the energy rating and certification process and qualify the home inspectors’ role as these new entries enter the marketplace Learning Objectives:

  • Define “Green Building"
  • Address certifications including LEED®
  • Explains what the Environment has to do with Real Estate
  • Describe how to Avoid Misrepresentation
  • Offers an overview of Energy Ratings, Materials and Design - Solar and other Emerging Technologies



Instructor-Led Online CourseInspecting Pools & Spas


Green BuildingMaximize your earning potential by adding Inspecting Pools and Spas to your service offerings. This course is taught by a seasoned inspector who has inspected thousands upon thousands of pools and spas.  Learn about the complex and often misunderstood areas of Pool and Spa Inspections during this comprehensive yet fun course.  Get ready to dive into an additional revenue source. 

Upon completion students will understand the following components of pools and spas and how to report their findings:

  • Structure
  • Liners
  • Decking and Coping
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Accessories
  • Pool Safety



Instructor-Led Online CourseNEW CONSTRUCTION: The Ins and Outs of Building and
Inspecting New Homes and Understanding the Code


New HouseThis course is designed for anyone wishing to improve their understanding of the components and systems of a residential structure. You will learn the basics of the building process from Planning to Certificate of Occupancy, as well as gain a fuller understanding of the Code and how it is applied. It is intended for seasoned inspectors wanting to expand their business offerings or for Inspectors wanting to expand their code knowledge.


Learning Objectives Covered:

  • Understanding the Building Process
  • Increase your Revenue with New Construction Inspections
  • Increase your Construction Knowledge and Reduce your Liability
  • Become a more Competent Inspector
  • Market Your new Skills



*Continuing education units vary by state. Please contact AHIT for state specifics.

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