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MARKETING Instructor-Led Online Course Details

Instructor-Led Online CourseMARKETING
Home Inspection Business Marketing Skills

Learn insider tricks on how to increase and retain your customer base and maximize your income with business and marketing skills.

Included Courses:

  • Be a Top Performer
  • Get into the Heads of Successful Realtors
  • Marketing Solutions to Help you Grow your Business
  • Relationship Selling
  • Start Your Home Inspection Career Off Right

( Texas 16 Credit Hours )


Instructor-Led Online CourseMARKETING
Start Your Home Inspection Career off Right!

Green Building

Start Your Home Inspection Career off Right!

This course will provide tips and suggestions on how to successfully start a home inspection business.  You will learn the 12-week success plan enabling you to continue success throughout your career.  Taught by Elizabeth Feustel, a member of the National Association of Realtors, this course will also provide some tips on how to break into the Realtor market.  Don’t start your new career without this course.

Start your Home Inspection off right.  Every successful Home Inspector knows the value of marketing and developing their business. This class will help you get established, build a name for yourself, develop relationships, and show you proven strategies to book more inspections.  You will learn the 12 week Marketing Plan to achieve the greatest success. We will show you how to reach the Realtor community with exciting new marketing opportunities. We will guide you at setting appropriate fees and building value.

Learning Objectives:

  • Help you get your Home Inspection business up and running…faster
  • Show you ways other successful Home Inspectors have built their business
  • You will learn the 12 week™ success program designed to give you short term as well as long term results
  • Discover how to get referrals from Realtors®

Instructor-Led Online CourseMARKETING
Get into the Heads of Successful Realtors!


Use this course to learn how to position yourself for success in today's market with tips that really work to get you more Realtor business. You will increase your understanding of what Realtors expect and learn how to gain their trust.

Instructor-Led Online CourseMARKETING
How to be a Top Performing Home Inspector


This course will provide proven tips to increase market share in your area. Upon completion of this course you will be able to recognize opportunities and focus your efforts to maximize your results.

Instructor-Led Online CourseMARKETING:
Marketing Solutions to Help you Grow your Home Inspection Career


This course will provide solid solutions to build your home inspection business. Learn how to develop a business vision to succeed in any market and increase your effectiveness at overcoming common objectives.

Instructor-Led Online CourseMARKETING:
Relationship Selling Helps you Build your Business Fast


Learn how to profit from the current market options and how to build strong relationships for short and long term growth.

Instructor-Led Online CourseMARKETING:
Marketing Education


All 5 Marketing Courses for the price of 3!

Building and maintaining a successful home inspection business takes more than just technical knowledge, you will need marketing, sales and business skills to be at the top of your profession. Enroll in all five of our marketing courses to learn skills for success. Each course is approximately one and one-half hour in length containing different tips and strategies to propel you to new heights in your career. Whether you are just starting out, or looking for ways to increase your revenue, each marketing course will enable you to achieve your goals.


*Continuing education units vary by state. Please contact AHIT for state specifics.

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