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Classroom Training Courses


The Home Inspection Master Course will provide you all the tools you need to successfully start your own, very profitable, Home Inspection Business.

We have taken feedback from our graduates over the past 15 years and created the ideal training solution for you.  This course is our most exciting and popular course.

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Your Success!

View upcoming course datesOur Master Course Includes:

No 1 Instructor-Led Training

Student Feedback from the past 15 years:

"A lot of great information, I would have liked to been able to have a recording of your instructors to take home with me."

"It is very difficult for me to sit in a classroom environment for an extended period of time.  I haven’t been back to school in years. "


Instead of spending a week or two in a classroom trying to stay awake, you can view our instructor-led classroom piece in the comfort of your own home (either online or on DVD). Instead of having trouble retaining all of the information that you learned, you now have it at your finger tips anytime you need to review it.

videoOur seasoned instructors will take you through many scenarios of real life situations you will encounter in the field.  They will take you through common and not so common problems you will find as well as how to report your findings.

The topics that will be covered include structure, exteriors, roofs, plumbing, electrical, heating,
cooling, interiors, insulation and ventilation to name a few.

No 2 High Quality Course Materials

Student Feedback:

"It would be nice to get some of the materials before I come to class".

"Thanks for the great reference material.  I still use refer to the material
and I have been in business for years."

"The study guide that you include in your course helped me pass my state
exam the first time."


When you register for the Home Inspection Master Course, we will send you our 7 Practical Guide to Inspecting Series books in advance of the class.  These books are great step-by-step guides to get your started learning the business.

Materials Included

You will also receive our proven “Home Inspectors Exam Study Guide” with your course.  This book will help you pass your state exam or association exam on the first try.  More than 95% of our students pass the exam the first time.

Also included in your course is our Business & Marketing Success Book.  You will learn how to identify who your real competitors are, and how to set your business apart from them.  By learning proven marketing and sales methods, your customers will learn to value your services above others.

You will also receive the Home Inspection Report, Home Maintenance DVD, Home Maintenance Book, Home Inspection Process DVD, Class Handout workbook and much more. 

No 3 Hands-On Training


Student Feedback:

"It was very difficult for me to get off of work for a week or two."

"We love the going out and doing the live inspections with your instructors.


The hands-on portion of our Master Course is designed for you to learn every technical aspect of the home inspection process.  Not only will you discover how to conduct and document a standards-based high quality home inspection, you will also learn how to protect yourself and your business from liability.

field trainingYou will perform two actual inspections with one our experienced, successful instructors.  AHIT has simplified the process of inspecting a home by giving you a systematic approach.  You will learn this approach and experience it first hand during the course.

You will also learn time-tested business management tips, and powerful marketing techniques.  You will learn how to run and market your business.

This course is conveniently offered on a long weekend making it much easier for you to attend the course.  And you can always come back for another three days if you choose!

No 4 Ongoing Support

Student Feedback:

"Thank you for taking the time to answer my question on the course. Your instructors are always very knowledgeable and helpful. "

"I appreciate having someone to call when I need help on an inspection. I work by myself and its nice to have a business partner. "


The best part of the Home Inspection Master Course is that it does not stop with a 3-day course.  It only starts here.  During the course and your studies, we are here to help you.  You will have access by phone or email to our instructors.  Once you leave the course to start your venture, you are not alone.  AHIT stays available to support you too.

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