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Product Returns

Products returned within thirty (30) days will be subject to a 25% restocking fee (with exception to non-returnable items).  Items that are returned must be in resalable and reusable condition or no refund will be given.  For software purchases, see software return policyNo refunds will be given after 30 days.  A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks.  Website customers will be charged $29/month after initial purchase.

Class Cancellation Policies

  1. If a student terminates any training course, a full refund will be given if cancelled within five (5) business days from registration and all course materials returned within 15 days. 
  2. If a student withdraws from a live class after starting the course a refund will not be given.  There will be no refund if a student fails to attend class and does not notify AHIT, in writing, of cancellation prior to class start.
  3. No refund will be given for the online course after thirty (30) days or if the course was logged into. 
  4. All deposits made to American Home Inspectors Training are non-refundable after 5 business days of registration.
  5. If a student needs to reschedule, only one reschedule of class is allowed for a $100 fee and it must be done prior to the class start. Failure to attend the rescheduled course will result in a forfeit of all monies paid.
  6. If a student decides to re-enroll into a class after their monies paid has been forfeited, there will be a $300 re-enrollment fee in addition to any outstanding balance. 
  7. Classes are non-transferable to another student.
  8. Access to online courses expire 180 days after purchase.  Course extensions can be purchased at $50 per month.

Changes made by the School

If the school cancels or changes a course of study or location in such a way that the student who has started is unable to complete training, arrangements will be made in a timely manner to accommodate the needs of each student enrolled in the course who is affected by the cancellation or change. If the school is unable to make alternative arrangements that are satisfactory to both parties, the school will refund all monies paid by the student of the course..

Payment Policy

Students are required to fully pay any remaining tuition no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start of a class. If a student does not contact American Home Inspectors Training to schedule payment for an outstanding balance, AHIT will authorize payment on the previously used credit or debit card two (2) weeks prior to the class start date.


* For students who are residents of or taking live class training in ARIZONA, COLORADO, FLORIDA, GEORGIA, KANSAS, KENTUCKY, MINNESOTA, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, TENNESSEE, TEXAS, and WISCONSIN, the state-specific Enrollment Agreement contains the applicable refund and cancellation policy. GI Bill students taking the course in WISCONSIN should follow the GI Bill refund and cancellation policy listed in the Enrollment Agreement. 

 Products are limited to purchases that are not included with a students’ tuition costs