AHIT Home Inspection Reporting Software

Reporting made fast, easy, and secure
InspectIt Home Inspection Software by AHIT is the easiest reporting application to use on the market today, with a user-interface that is simple – to maximize your time. InspectIt was designed by industry professionals that understand how this tool will help make your job easier and your business more successful.  And now available with the Cloud, you can  sync your data to any computer. Affordable home inspection software will give you access to all your information on any computer with the ability to edit your reports in Microsoft Word—maximizing your time and providing quick, professional reports to your clients. Download a sample InspectIT report. The InspectIT app is available on any Android or Apple device.

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*InspectIT App Price: $899 for the app plus $9.95 per month maintenance fee required after 1 year from purchase date.

** InspectIT Cloud: $49.00 per month maintenance fee required starting from initial purchase date. This includes the $9.95 monthly maintenance fee for the InspectIT app. Maximum storage capacity is 75 GB.

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