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Trace A Leak Septic Dye Test Tablets

Trace A Leak Septic Dye Test Tablets

Use Water Test Dye for Testing Septic Systems and Flow Studies

Quantity Discount - Buy 10 or More Bottles At $12.45 Each

Trace A Leak Septic Dye Test Tablets are highly potent septic leak dye tablets for use in tracing water, sewage, or septic systems. The dyes are safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

The Trace A Leak Septic Dye Test Tablets are available in brilliant yellow green, red, or blue.

The fluorescent green and red can be detected with an ultraviolet light or by a fluorometer; the blue does not have these characteristics.

Place one or two tablets in closet bowl or sink. Run water through the plumbing system.

Tablets will dye water and allow you to view leaks in the plumbing system or determine if the septic field is saturated by probing the area.


Easy to Use

Tablets dissolve quickly - 1 to 3 minutes.

Dilution rate: one tablet per 60 gallons of water equals 1 ppm concentration in clear water.

Contains 100 tablets per bottle.

Available in Yellow-Green, Red, or Blue

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