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RZ HEPA Respirator Mask - Particulate, Dust, Pollution, Allergy (RZMESH)

RZ HEPA Respirator Mask - Particulate, Dust, Pollution, Allergy (RZMESH)

Breath Safe With The RZ Respirator Mask!

The HEPA RZ Mask filters out 99.9% of all dust and particulates.

The RZ Mask has a soft, comfortable fit. Made from strong but comfortable mesh material - making it lightweight too. Not bulky and cumbersome like some masks.

No condensation buildup or fogging of glasses. The new two way valves allow air to come into the mask through the filter and exit through the valve when exhaling eliminating fogging of glasses and air being forced out around the mask itself.

RZ Hepa Repirator Mask Provides Respiratory Protection From:

  • Dust
  • Allergens
  • Strong Odors
  • Fumes
  • Ragweed
  • Smoke
  • Pollution
  • Mold
  • Pet Dander

Great For - Farming, Painting, Construction, Allergies, Agriculture, ATV and Motorcross, Cold Weather Outdoor Activities

RZ Respirator Mask Dual Directional Valves Technology

The dual directional exhalation valves expel breath out and away from glasses/goggles eliminating fogging.

Lightweight Mesh Construction

  • Abrasion resistant mesh exterior allows for easier air flow, keeping you cooler.
  • Elastic side straps, allowing for a more precise fit to different head shapes and sizes.
  • Even more light weight than our neoprene mask.
  • Accepts our current active carbon filter so the mask can adapt as your needs change.

HEPA Filters

The all new F1 Hepa Filter is constructed out of Hepa and fused with active carbon protecting users from 99.9% of air pollutants sized .1 micron or greater. The filter can easily be replaced and offers 125% better breathability than our original Active Carbon Filter.

RZ HEPA Respirator Mask Includes:
RZ Mesh Mask, 2 HEPA Filters, Storage Bag.

Buy Now! $36.70 ea