InspectIt® OfficePro™InspectIt® OfficePro™ Screenshots

Below is the Control Center screen. Here you can quickly view inspections scheduled for the current day, the following day, and the rest of the week. Navigation buttons appear at the bottom of the screen to allow you to perform specific tasks with the software.

The Order screen shown below allows you to view your schedule and enter in the inspection details to be able to take an order on a single screen. Required fields are highlighted in red and you schedule the inspection event by dragging the clipboard icon on to the schedule at right. A useful feature of the program also automatically fills in the city and state if the zip code already exists within the database.

This view of the Order screen below shows how you can hide the calendar to list the services that will be performed and lets you collect more specific information about the property, show which utilities are on, etc. When you type in the year built for the property, the program will automatically calculate the age. You can also select the real estate agents that are involved.

The Details tab on the screen below shows how you can hide the calendar to lets you collect provide directions for the work order and also has buttons to automatially bring up maps using MapQuest if you are connected to the Internet. You can bring up a map of the property, driving directions to the inspection from the office address or from the address of the property you are inspecting earlier in the day. You can also create a link between the inspection record and the inspection report by using the hyperlink function at the lower left portion of the screen.

The Master Schedule screen below shows both inspection and non-inspection events. Items are also color coded to show completed inspections (in green), on hold inspections (yellow), cancelled inspections (red), and non-inspection related items such as an office presentation appointment (in blue). You can also go to the record for a specific inspection by double-clicking on the event in the Master Schedule screen.

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