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Home Inspection: A Recession Proof Career

With the continuous ups and downs in the international market, people are often invited to seek jobs that manage to cope with the fluid economy.  Amidst the constant change, there are other work options that offer financial security aside from health professions.  One of which of these professions is home inspection. 

Home inspection encompasses the thorough assessment of houses, evaluating the mechanical and structural quality of a property, detecting any problems that need special attention to ensure the safety of home owners, as well as estimate the correct value of the asset for property buyers.  Home sellers and home buyers are always in search of good home inspection professionals and depending upon the state regulations, residential and commercial establishments are required to have on average at least one thorough building inspection every two years.  With countless buildings and homes to inspect, jobs can be continual and last all year round.  Home Inspection is considered a recession proof field because there is a continuous need for implementing safety regulations and good evaluation of real properties.  Home inspections are always needed in any type of market even if the real estate market is in a downturn.

Aside from being an economically adaptable field, home inspection broadens one’s knowledge and is financially rewarding.  A home inspector will learn new things from one home to another as well as from one client to another; from technological innovations to the customers’ different needs.  A home inspector may average an annual salary $56,000 and may also open windows to start your own home inspection business or becoming part of an already established inspection company.  

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