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Meeting Your Home Inspection Clients

The first contact you have with your clients can set the tone for your ongoing relationship during the inspection, their real estate transaction and ideally for future referrals. We have all heard how important it is to leave a “good first impressions” and it is important to keep that in mind in at the home inspection.

In many cases, the first time you actually meet your clients in person or face to face will be at the home inspection. They will generally form an opinion of you as a home inspector within the first 2-3 minutes so, it is a critical time.  “Driveway Presentation“  is a term we use at AHIT for these initial 2-3 minutes when you meet your client. It does not have to be done in a driveway, especially on a day when the weather is bad, but what can you say to your clients to instill confidence in them that they have picked the right home inspector for the job. 

When you first approach your clients make sure to introduce yourself, shake their hands and call them by their names.  Start off with a positive comment about the house, day, weather, etc. Describe what you will be doing and the order for your home inspections.  You can do this several different ways. I would recommend including that you will be inspecting the major components, Roof, structure, foundation, plumbing, heating, electrical, and air conditioning.  Add in a comment that demonstrates how thorough you will be during the course of the inspection.

Another important thing to discuss is anything that you cannot do during the course of the home inspection. If snow or rain will keep you from getting on the roof let the clients know. If the water is off to the home let the clients know that this will limit your inspection. On all items that have limitations, make sure that you also list all the items that you will still be doing to do the most thorough job that you can for your clients.

There is no absolute for a driveway presentation, depending on the client and many other factors your driveway presentation can and probably will be different every time.  Not being prepared for this introduction can definitely cause the buyers to feel uneasy. You will be practicing your home inspections and so many other facets of the business before your first inspection, so do not forget about the Driveway presentation!

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