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Know your Home Inspection Clients!

One thing we always did before we started the inspection was get to know our clients.  First we would find out what they did for a living; were they attorneys, contractors, doctors, etc.  Knowing who your Client is before you begin gives you several key pieces of information.

Knowing whether your Client is a technical person or not, is very helpful when reviewing the inspection report.  You can tailor your level of detail accordingly.  The flipside to a technical person is a first-time homebuyer who just moved away from Mom & Dad’s house.  They typically have no idea what owning a home entails.  They will require a much lengthier explanation process during the review of the report.  You will need to go into much more detail about home maintenance and where things are located within the home.

The Clients I paid most attention to were attorneys as they typically want all of their t’s crossed and i’s dotted.  I would spend extra time reviewing the report and double checking for errors or contradictions within the report.  I would also make sure they read, not just signed, the Pre-Inspection Agreement.  We also gave out a copy of the state SOP our report complied with.

In any case, following the appropriate SOP for your state is crucial to providing a comprehensive report to your Client.

Good follow-up is also important as well as keeping a good paper trail.  Call or email you Client a couple of days after they received the report and ask them if they have any questions or need any additional information.  Document this in the report file, either on paper or as a text document in the computer folder for that Client.  This will help in the future if there is a dispute.


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