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Inspecting Whirlpool Tubs

When inspecting whirlpool tubs always know where the jets are pointing. A couple of years ago I was hired to perform an inspection on a newly constructed home. The home was never lived in but was staged with very nice furnishings. The inspection was going very well , until it came time to inspect the master bathroom. The bathroom had a shower and a separate whirlpool tub that had 10 jets. As I started my bathroom inspection I turned the bathtub faucet on to fill it and check the jets to confirm they worked. Now testing the jets on a whirlpool tub are not required per most standards of practice.

So I followed my usual inspection routine. Turned on the faucet at the sink, checked for leaks. Checked the GFCI receptacle, confirmed that there was a heat source and so on. Well I figured the water was high enough in the tub to turn on the jets. So I turned the water off and said to my client "here is your control to turn on your jets" and proceeded to hit the button. Well all the jets were pointing up and the water level wasn't quite above the jets. The pressure from the jets shot a stream of water out about 5 ft. Needless to say my client happened to be in the path of the water stream. She was soaked from head to toe. Of course my first reaction was to grab a towel from the rack. Like I said in the beginning the house was staged. So as I lunged for the closest towel. As I was about to grab the towel I noticed the little man on a horse playing polo. I thought oh no it's a Ralph Lauren towel that is probably $80.

So instead of having to possibly pay for a towel I jerked back and grabbed the roll of toilet paper and handed it to her and said "here you go, I am sorry". The realtor was laughing so hard that she had to leave the house. So the moral of the story is if you test whirlpool jets make sure they are pointing down and always carry a towel in your bag.

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