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4 Key Principles of Starting your own Business

1.Step by step.
When you first start your business you may feel overwhelmed because there are a lot of things that need to be done. When you start just pick one task instead of trying to do a bunch of things.  For example pick your business name or go online and register your company. When you finish the first task, it will feel good and you will be encouraged to take on another task.  I think it’s a good idea to pick a task that is of interest to you so you stay motivated, also think about your first task as one that you can complete in one sitting. Getting started is the objective.

2. Simple and don’t worry about perfection.
Tom Baker, from London based Evolution Consulting, says this best: "If you're opening a restaurant, you could worry about name, location, building, etc. But the first thing you should worry about is the food. The food is the key. Everything else is secondary." Figure out what type of food you will make, hold the perfect little things for later and you'll find starting gets much simpler. Same with inspectors focus on the inspection and everything else will fall into place. Once you are comfortable with the inspection you are performing the little things will follow

3. Don't reinvent the wheel.
There is no need to build something from scratch that you can rent, lease, or (better yet) use for low cost. For example, AHIT will build you a custom website at a very low cost that will get you major exposure.   This is one of the most important aspects of starting your business. Why not work with any that will help you grow and help you with building your business.

4. Sphere of influence
What better people to tell you are starting a new venture then people that already know you?  It will motivate you once you tell people you are starting a business.  People tend to ask questions and offer different ideas.  They may think about something that you didn’t.  People that know and like us will help us.  They may not be buying a home but they may know someone who is or they may know an owner of a local real estate company they can introduce you to.

Look at that, you're started.


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