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Why Become a Home Inspector

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Learn more about how to become a home inspector, getting your home inspection certification, and the average home inspector salary.

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working man smiling Be Your Own Boss

75% of home inspectors work for themselves

working man smiling Stable Career

77% of homes sold in the USA involve an inspection

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Full time gross annual salary is $70k+

Online Course
Starting at $695

Our self-paced, online home inspector class follows a step-by-step process to make it easy for you to obtain the vital knowledge to become a licensed home inspector and start your inspector business.

This flexible course details the entire home inspection process using instructor videos and GoPro footage of real inspections. Includes books, 12 month course access, Home Inspector Pro Software.

FREE: Extended trial subscription, and AHIT instructor mentors for life.

Live Classes

You will learn from successful home inspectors with decades of experience. Training includes home systems: electrical, HVAC, plumbing and more. Industry experts will show you the steps of professional home inspections with exceptional reports that stand out from the competition.

Live classes include everything in our self-paced, online home inspector course. This complete training package is top-rated by students.

FREE: Extra Field Training for hands-on inspections in real homes!

Becoming a Home Inspector is Easy
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Step 1: Understand your State's regulations.

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Step 2: Choose a School for Your Pre-Licensing Requirements

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Step 3: Take Your Pre-Licensing Course

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Step 4: Take Your State’s Home Inspection Licensing Exam

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Step 5: Complete the State Application

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Step 6: Celebrate!

Want to Know Your Income Potential?
$50K - $70K Annually

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conversation bubble icon Student Reviews

I enjoyed the class. Kevin is very knowledgeable and presents the information in a way everyone can understand. I thoroughly enjoyed the week.I was able to see houses with multiple problems, and he pointed out defects and safety hazards that not just any person would be able to spot. Kevin showed me how to see things that are meant to be hidden. It was a great week.

student avatar male - Brandon B., Centrailia, IL

The experience was great. The instructor kept us attentive & interested with his method of classroom instruction. I loved the vast knowledge I received in the field & in the classroom to make me a great home inspector. Thank you AHIT!

student avatar male - Willie G., Greensboro, NC

My experience was incredible. I have a doctoral level education in architectural history and have an MFA focused on history as well as preservation. I came to the course wanting to learn more about how a building lives and the process of inspections more than to do this as a career. However, your instructors were so informative, and made the process so exciting, I am earnestly considering it as an option.

student avatar male - Megan, Hawthorn Woods, IL
Frequently Asked Questions

AHIT has been in business since 1993 and has trained over 50,000 inspectors. We are the largest and most recognized training provider in the country, and real estate agents and mortgage companies recognize AHIT quality and know that you were trained properly. We have the best instructors in the trade and are proud of having the most graduates in the industry.

In addition to our classroom and online training, AHIT offers more than our competitors as we teach you how to start and market your business. We provide unlimited business and technical support to our students and graduates. This service is free of charge for your entire career as a Home Inspector, whether you are going through the training or need support down the road, we are here to help.

Each state has different education requirements. Some states allow online training while others require some form of live classroom/field training. AHIT customizes its classes by state to ensure we meet all the education requirements.

Not long at all! Once you obtain proper certification/license and start marketing yourself you will gain momentum. Most students say it takes a few months. Usually after one year of hard work, your business will be up and running well. Some inspectors are doing five inspections or more per week after only a couple of months. It really depends how well you market yourself and how motivated you are to achieve success.

We have several payment options to accommodate our students, including a split payment option for live training as well as a form of financing. Please contact us for more information.