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A Home Inspection Franchise Alternative: Start Your Own Business

Are you considering investing in a home inspection franchise? Do some research first, and check out the American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT). A home inspection franchise typically provides you a process and plan for you to start a home inspection company. AHIT will provide you not only the plan to build your home inspection company but also the support and tools you need to build and expand your business. Rethink your home inspection franchise plan and learn more about the services and resources AHIT has to offer.

With a home inspection franchise, you have to worry about defined territory restrictions. If you start your own home inspection business, you won't have to. The American Home Inspectors Training Institute will teach you how to build and operate your business any where you choose without the restrictions franchise home inspection businesses place on you.

If you think a home inspection franchise is an option for you, take a closer look at the American Home Inspectors Training Institute before you invest the tens of thousands of dollars to buy a franchise. American Home Inspectors Training institute can show you a training alternative to an expensive home inspection franchise. AHIT has developed a training system that has been proven by the thousands of successful home inspectors trained by AHIT institute over the years. Let our 16 year history of successfully training home inspectors work for you for a fraction of the cost of a franchise.

Home inspection training options that match your needs

In addition to the six and seven day inspection training courses, an online course if available for the individuals with the busiest schedules. This course is called the Distance Learning Master Course which still provides the materials and learning values as the other courses. As well as being capable of preparing exams, testing and exchanging equipment, AHIT offers specialty areas of study to increase your knowledge to expand your business.

We are now offering the new Termite and Other Wood-Destroying Pests Management Correspondence Program, which is partnership with Purdue University. This class provides extra information on diseases and insects that are common in urban and industrial areas as well as managing of pests in woodwork. Upon completing this class, you will have learned specific information on termites including drywood, dampwood, and subterranean as well as carpenter ants, borers, and woodboring beetles. With the knowledge you will gain from prevention and control, these pests will be the least of anyone's worries.

No matter what your previous experience is AHIT offers the courses to start a thriving business. Call our admissions department today to find out how you can start your own company with the guidance and leadership from AHIT.

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