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Why Energy Audits?

Top Reasons to Become an Energy Auditor

Home energy auditors are becoming more and more important as energy efficiency audits are growing in popularity. There is increasing interest at the local, state and national level to improve home energy efficiency part of a broader national energy policy as well as creating jobs in the new "greener" economy. Here are a few current examples of why energy auditing is becoming more popular:

  • $11 billion was provided to state and local governments in the recent stimulus package to help reduce home energy use
  • It is estimated that an energy audit can improve a home's energy consumption by 30% on average.Given that residential and commercial buildings make up 73% of electricity consumption in the US, there are huge savings.
  • A Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies paper reports that more than half of the over 66 million single-family homes in the US were constructed before modern energy codes existed.
  • The Department of Energy and the EPA have stated a goal of eventually improving 1 million homes per year through weatherization and home energy improvements.
  • The city of Austin requires all homes over 10 years old to have an energy audit before being sold.
  • Durham region Ontario has passed a bill that makes home energy audits mandatory for home sellers.
  • Oregon's governor wants to require any owner selling or renting a home to obtain a certificate disclosing the property's energy use.
  • Ontario has passed an Act that requires an energy audit when selling a home unless the buyer waivers their right.