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Potential Savings for Homeowners

Flourescent lightbulb savingsHelp Your Customers Save Money

Did you know that an Energy Star qualified fluorescent light bulb (CFL) uses 75% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb and lasts up to 10 times longer*? Imagine the savings a homeowner could expect if he replaced all the incandescent bulbs in his home with qualified fluorescent bulbs!

Replacing old light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs represents a small amount of the savings a homeowner can enjoy by retrofitting a home to make it more energy-efficient and green-friendly.

In a typical home, there are numerous energy-efficient improvements that could be taken beyond simply replacing light bulbs that a qualified energy auditor could locate and report. These improvements could include recommending home-specific upgrades such as finding and fixing any heating and/or cooling loss areas, sealing off ducts, installing programmable thermostats, using energy-saving appliances (such as approved Energy Star products), and much more.

As a home energy auditor, you'll be able to provide this specific and valuable energy-saving information to countless homeowners. Based on your energy assessment, a homeowner can then decide what energy-efficient measures they'd like to take with their home that could potentially save them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in energy costs every year.

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*Savings information based on Energy Star for Consumers website.