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Become a BPI Certified Energy Auditor

Energy Auditor BPI Trianing & Certification Package - ONLY $1,595

Are you serious about Energy Auditing? AHIT's Energy Auditor BPI Training & Certification Package is designed for the serious professional that wants classroom and field training from a qualified expert instructor. Designed for the individual or a professional with a trades background, this course will thoroughly train you from start to finish on how to perform a high-quality energy audit, and even prepare you for the BPI certification exam. You will become an expert in this field amongst your peers, as you will have all of the knowledge needed to answer any question that may be thrown your way by contractors, homeowners, and colleagues. We'll even offer you access to our professional trainers during and after your training classes to ensure that your learning experience is maximized and you feel comfortable with your new skills.

If you're looking to become a qualified energy auditing professional, and would like the best information out there and support to back it up, choose our Building Analyst BPI Training & Certification Package today. You won't be disappointed.

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Classroom Course

Classroom & Field Training
The Building Analyst Training Course consists of 4 days (24 hours) of classroom instruction and 2 days (12 hours) of field training. View schedule »

Residential Energy Training Book

Residential Energy Training Book
The best book available on home energy conservation. This book introduces readers to a home's energy-related components and explains all the important possibilities for energy conservation. Readers will learn that effective energy conservation requires a whole-house approach that addresses the biggest energy wasters first.


90-Minute Field Training DVD
This video takes you through an existing home energy audit from start to finish It includes worst case combustion safety testing of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, blower door setup and air leakage testing, advance pressure diagnostics, indoor air quality and durability inspections and much more.


Over 20 Hours of Instructor Led Training Online
The concepts of performing a home energy audit.
View the home energy audit course outline »

AHIT Data Collection Form

AHIT Data Collection Form
This form follows along the video and details step by step how to set-up and perform each diagnostic test, space to record appropriate observations, and guidance on necessary calculations.


Exam Simulator
Our practice exams are designed to prepare you to pass the BPI Building and RESNET exam.


36 Essential Documents
AHIT knows it takes more than just your education to get your business going. This package also contains everything you need to get out there and start performing high quality energy audits to make money. Includes field testing guides, equipment manuals, information regarding BPI and RESNET, and more!


Access to Instructors
After your classroom and field training, you'll have access to our instructors and trainers for continued support for any technical questions, advice, etc. With AHIT, you’re never alone.

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