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Georgia State Home Inspector Regulations

Legislation: Trade Practice Act (Chapter 3, Title 8)
Governing Body: Construction Industry License Board

Requirements To Perform a Legal Home Inspection

Every Georgia home inspector shall provide to the person on whose behalf a home or single-family dwelling is being inspected a written document specifying:

a) The scope of the inspection, including those structural elements, systems, and subsystems to be inspected.
b) That the inspection is a visual inspection
c) That the home inspector will notify in writing the person on whose behalf such inspection is being made of any defects noted during the inspection, along with any recommendation that certain experts be retained to determine the extent and corrective action necessary for such defect

Columbia County Only:
In order to obtain a BUSINESS license for a Home Inspection business in Columbia County:

  1. Be a member of one of the following:

    CABE/ICC (Council of American Building Officials/International Code Council)
    SBCCI (Southern Building Code Congress International)
    HIF (Housing Inspection Foundation)
    NAPI (National Association of Property Inspectors)
    AIS (American Inspectors Society)
  2. $100,000.00 Liability Insurance
  3. Workers Compensation Insurance if applicable
  4. One letter of recommendation from a bank or financial institution
  5. Two letters of recommendation from an architect, engineer, building contractor or other person connected with any construction related industry on their business letterhead stationary.

As business requirements may very by city or county, please check with your local business licensing department for any local requirements. 


Training Provider:

American Home Inspectors Training Institute
Phone: 800-441-9411


Last updated: 7/31/14