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Delaware State Home Inspector Regulations

Beginning August 6th, 2013 theDelaware Board of Home Inspectors will become effective. Rules and Regulations will be created when the law goes into effect on August 6, 2013. The law requires the following for home inspector licensing:

· Completed high school or equivalent

· Pass an exam to be designated by the board

· Complete training and experience as will be required by the board

· Cannot have anyoutstanding fines or havehad another licensed revoked

Cannot have any impairment related to drugs or alcohol

· Cannot have been convicted of a crime related to the practice of home inspection

· For a waiver of a felony conviction more than 5 years have passed and all probation, parole, etc. must be completed. Waiver to be granted will not be given if public health, safety or welfare

            For a waiver of a misdemeanor conviction or violation at the time of application they may not be incarcerated, on work release, probation, parole, or serving any part of a suspended sentence and must be in compliance with all court orders.  Waiver to be granted will not be given if public health, safety or welfare

Individuals who have been performing home inspections as of August 6,2013 will be allowed until November 4, 2013 to comply with requirements for licensure. To qualify the inspector must have conducted no less than 100 home inspections in Delaware for compensation and have been performing home inspections for no less than 5 years.

Licenses will expire biennially determined by the board and inspectors shall meet continuing education requirements to be established by the board.

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Note:As legislation is continuously changing, please check with an American Home Inspectors Training Institute representative for any pending legislation in your area.  

Last updated: 7/25/14

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