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World Class Training and Training Materials

Ontario Home Inspection Training

At AHIT's Ontario home inspection training courses, we combine easy to understand concepts with educational materials and real-life experiences for you to apply the knowledge you learn. AHIT's Ontario home inspection training school is where we offer hands-on home inspection courses taught by one of our expert home inspector trainers. If you are unable to attend our live classroom we have an online course for your learning convenience.

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The American Home Inspectors Training Institute has helped thousands of people build successful home inspection careers. We have been teaching for more than 25 years and our instructors collectively have hundreds of years of experience and success in the inspection profession.

Are you looking for the best home inspection training available in Ontario? Individuals come from across the country and all over the world for the best home inspection training by AHIT — our home inspection master course.

Our class provides you real-life experience, including field inspections and classroom lab work, and our instructors are unmatched in the profession.  Our step-by-step process makes it easy for you to understand and to get your business started.

American Home Inspectors Training’s state-of-the-art Online Master Course delivers all of the advantages of our nationally certified home inspection classroom course with real-time web based convenience. The course is comprised of course books, audio and visual tutorials, exercises and practice quizzes, photos of numerous scenarios, and exams all delivered to you online (offline also available).  You will also have access to live instructors to assist you if you have questions during your online experience.

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