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World Class Training and Training Materials
New York

Dave Kolesari, MIlwaukee Homesite Inc.
President of NAHI and an AHIT Graduate

Home Inspection Trainer & Student

"A must for anyone considering entering this profession." - D. Gergen, AZ

New York Home Inspection Training

Thank you for visiting AHIT's home inspection training school in New York. We offer hands-on home inspection courses taught by our experts. Easy to understand concepts are combined with educational materials and real-life experiences so you can apply the knowledge you learn.

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Thousands of people have created successful home inspection careers with help from American Home Inspectors Training Institute. We have been teaching for 21 plus years and our instructors have hundreds of years of experience collectively and are successful in the inspection profession.

Are you looking for the best home inspection training available in New York? Individuals come to AHIT from across the country and around the world for the best home inspection training —our 12 Day Home Inspection Course and our 40 Hour Field Training. Our classroom training provides you with the knowledge needed to become a professional home inspector. 

The field inspections and lab work provide hands on experience, and our instructors are unmatched in the profession.  Our step-by-step process makes it easy for you to get started.

New York - Buffalo

Classroom Training Start Dates

July 21

New York - Kingston

Classroom Training Start Dates

August 11

Field Training:

September 8

New York - Long Island

Classroom Training Start Dates
November 3

Field Training:
December 01

New York - Westchester

Start Dates
Classroom Training
June 02
September 15
Field Training:
June 23
October 06

New York - Albany

Classroom Training Start Dates
January 20, 2014
June 02, 2014
November 03, 2014

Field Training:
February 10, 2014
June 23, 2014
December 01, 2014

New York - Syracuse

Classroom Training Start Dates
July 28
Field Training:
August 18

Currently, the State of New York does not accept
correspondence courses for pre-licensing education. 

Call one of our New York career advisors at 800-441-9411 to learn more!