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Our Self-Study Online courses provide you with an electronic book in PDF format to download and read at your own pace.  You will take an online test to pass the course.

Self-Study Online CourseNational Home Inspector Examination Preparation

National Home Inspector Examination Study Guide book cover

The purpose of this self-study course is to prepare you to take the National Home Inspector Examination.  This course consists of thousands of practice questions and diagrams, mock exams and quizzes in the Exam Study Guide book as well as on-line.  This proven guide is a necessity for passing any exam including state exams and organizations'.  The questions may seem tricky to you, or repetitive, but this exactly how the NHIE is written and this course will prepare you for that.


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Self-Study Online CourseELECTRICAL

Practical Guide to Inspecting Electrical

Inspecting Electrical
As a home inspector, you have to be familiar with basic wiring practices, NEC requirements, and the details of the electrical inspection. You need to be knowledgeable and cautious when performing the inspection, always aware of safety hazards to report to your customers. They depend on you. Earns 5 CEU's*

Buy Now! $89 for 1 Year, Training and Certificate

Self-Study Online CourseEXTERIORS

Practical Guide to Inspecting Exteriors

Inspecting Exteriors
People wanting to buy a home depend on you as their home inspector to pay attention to all the many details involved in the inspection of the exterior of that home. It involves a lot more than knowing what you're doing in respect to the siding. You have to know about all those other things to watch for. Your customers trust that you have that knowledge.
Earns 5 CEU's*

Buy Now!$89 for 1 Year, Training and Certificate

Self-Study Online CourseHEATING & COOLING

Practical Guide to Inspecting Heating/Cooling

Inspecting Heating/Cooling
Central heating and air conditioning are big ticket items that cause customers a great deal of concern when buying a home. The home inspector plays an important role in inspecting these systems, giving the customer the needed information and checking systems, especially heating, for safety. You'll want to do a good job for them.
Earns 8 CEU's*

Buy Now!$89 for 1 Year, Training and Certificate

Self-Study Online CourseINTERIORS

Practical Guide to Inspecting Interiors, Insulation & Ventilation

Inspecting Interiors, Insulation & Ventilation
As a home inspector, you have to pay attention to the details involved in the interior inspection, no matter how small. They're just as important to the home inspection as the major home systems like heating and electrical. Earns 7 CEU's*

Buy Now!$89 for 1 Year, Training and Certificate

Self-Study Online CoursePLUMBING

Practical Guide to Inspecting Plumbing

Inspecting Plumbing
Plumbing systems have undergone a number of changes in the past 90 years, and the home inspector is likely to see them all. The home inspector not only looks for defects such as seepage, leaks, and drips in the system. It helps to be able to inform the customer how the entire system is affected, what repairs are needed, and when actions should be taken. You need to be well prepared to perform a good inspection.
Earns 5 CEU's*

Buy Now!$89 for 1 Year, Training and Certificate

Self-Study Online CourseROOFS

Practical Guide to Inspecting Roofs

Inspecting Roofs
The home inspection customer is always concerned about the condition of the roof and depends on the home inspector to give it a good inspection. To the customer, the roof is an intimidating mystery, but he or she knows just enough to be worried. Your customer depends on you to have the knowledge necessary to bring facts and findings about the roof to light. Earns 5 CEU's*

Buy Now!$89 for 1 Year, Training and Certificate

Self-Study Online CourseSTRUCTURE

Practical Guide to Inspecting Structures

Inspecting Structures
As a home inspector, you need to know the basics of construction as presented in this guide. Because structural problems can be severe and expensive, the home buyer is highly interested in your findings. Serious problems can have a huge impact on the negotiations and closing of the sale. The customer depends on you for help in providing a fair and accurate reporting on the home's structural condition.
Earns 6 CEU's*

Buy Now!$89 for 1 Year, Training and Certificate

*Continuing education units vary by state, Please contact AHIT for state specifics.