Home Star Legislation is going to the House Floor

The Home Star Legislation is going to the House floor this Thursday, May 6.  Home Star is said to create jobs for Americans and provide incentives for home energy efficiency improvements.  Here is what you can do to help ensure our members of congress vote for the Home Star program:

  • Call or write to the Senators from your state and your local Congressional Representative (Go to www.senate.gov or www.house.gov to get phone and address information, or if you need to look up your members by zip code.)
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper
  • Find out more at www.efficiencyfirst.org/take-action
  • If you would like to become more engaged in efforts to pass Home Star on Capitol Hill, please contact Efficiency First’s legislative representative Kara Saul Rinaldi at kara@efficiencyfirst.org

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