More Home Star Details

Home Star plans to offer two incentive levels – Gold Star and Silver Star.  The $1.7 billion GOLD STAR level is a program that will be available only for whole-home improvement projects. Your BPI Building Analyst Certified Professional or a RESNET qualified rater (or an approved equivalent) conducts an energy audit and comprehensive home performance assessment before work begins, then develops and prioritizes improvement measures specific to the needs of the particular house.

When the work is completed by an accredited contracting company, the certified building analyst or rater returns to the house to conduct a test-out energy audit. This test-out assessment ensures that the installed measures are working properly and determines the modeled energy savings achieved. 

If you improve your home’s energy performance by 20% you will receive $3,000 in incentives. You’ll also get an additional $1,000 for each additional 5% improvement. Depending on how much your home’s energy use is reduced, you could get up to 50% of the entire project cost (capped at $8,000) plus a more energy efficient house.

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